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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Listening to the Boyce Avenue while Blogging & Resting

Intro Note: We just had our dinner, folks. As I'm writing this blog post, I'm listening to playlist songs of the American acoustic rock band Boyce Avenue. (I've mentioned about this band in my previous post, if you guys remember.) I like listening to their songs. Alejandro, Boyce Avenue's lead vocalist among the Manzano brothers of Sarasota, Florida, is cool. He sings well. I like his clear, mellow, melodious voice, with his guitar or piano accompanying him. I like his version or interpretation of some (adapted) songs that he sang or recorded, like this one by Coldplay. Listen for yourselves, folks. Isn't he good or what?

Today, 03March2012, starts the "early" one-week Spring Break for a number of colleges and universities in our State. I wonder if other states' colleges and universities have their early spring break, too, like my daughter's. Perhaps they'll have theirs later.

Anyway, I had to cut short my blogging this morning. Guess why? You bet, my wife and I had to pick up our daughter in her college dorm. Though she's got a driving license already for a year or two, she doesn't drive yet for she doesn't have her own car. Not 'til she graduates this May. She'll get one, a new one, possibly a Toyota, like his brother's, as our graduation gift to her.

We left the house past noon, not having lunch yet at that time. I, for one, didn't feel hungry yet, anyway, for I just had a bowl of home-cooked oatmeal with organic milk, 2% fat. (I've mentioned this in my first blog post this early morning.) I usually eat brunch, especially during weekdays that I'm alone at home, you know.

Thanks to God. We arrived home safely before 8 p.m. today from C-ville. That's almost six hours, round trip, on the road to and from C-ville. Though I was not the driver (my wife was, as usual), I still felt kinda tired from sitting long, with back spasms. I admit, my lower back has been acting up, hurting again today. (This has been my ongoing problem of mine---chronic lower back pain, that led me to "early" retirement from work in the Service. Thankfully, I was able to finish 20 years in the Service that entitled me to retirement pay, etc.) But, I can manage the pain, you know. God helps me, via His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe so. My pain isn't that bad, after all. Thanks to God.

Until next time around, folks. Thanks for your time. Take care. A nd, good night, everyone!(Now I can listen more to the Boyce Avenue, in our bedroom, while resting.) Thanks YouTube and Google and Blogger. -chris a. quilpa, 03March2012
(P.S. I haven't figured out how to adjust the posted time of my laptop. As you know my laptop was given to me by my nephew Tony who lives in California. Posted time of this blog post is incorrect. Since I live in the East Coast, add three hours to the posted time, okay, my friends? Thank you.)

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