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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Story with Music from Boyce Avenue

It's a soggy Sunday today over 757! And for tomorrow's weather forecast is there's going to be a mix rain and snow around, with high temp in the mid 40s and lows between 32-37 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, what I can say is let it be. It's still winter season anyway! How's it in your location, folks? Do hope and pray that we're all doing well in spite of all the good and bad news around us. What matters is we're alive and making it. Right, my friends?

This morning, my wife, our daughter and I attended or participated in church services at our parish. Thanks to God! Though my wife and I were not scheduled as volunteer Eucharistic ministers in today's Mass, I was tapped to give or administer holy communion to our parish choir members. Yes to God! No problem, you know. As always, when the need arises, my wife and I are ever ready and available to serve or to assist during Mass. For the glory of God!

After Mass, we all agreed to go to NEX/Commissary for lunch and to do grocery shopping there. That's what we did. We had Sub sandwiches, and coffee. Unexpectedly, after lunch while we were shopping at NEX, we encountered our former neighbors, both retired, and also doing some shopping there. As always, we exchanged courtesies and pleasantries, and stories of our families. As always, too, we had good rapport and lively conversation, even though we haven't seen each other for months or a year?

From there, we had groceries at the Commissary. But, we decided not to fill up our car's fuel tank at the gas station there. Instead, we had it outside, at a gas station close to our place, on our way home. We saved a few cents, though.

Now, what did we have for dinner? Well, we just had our left-over Sub sandwiches that we saved during lunch. I had my dinner in our room, with Boyce Avenue, because I was busy online, listening to Boyce Avenue on YouTube, while blogging. Even up to this time that I've been writing this blog post, I'm all ears to their music. Can you believe it, folks? (If given the opportunity, would I go to one of their concerts? A resounding Yes, of course! But for now, I just settle listening to them via YouTube.) I don't know about you but I love listening to this American acoustic rock (indie) band. I'm not tired of listening to them. Not at all, man! They're cool, especially Alejandro, the lead singer of the Manzano brothers! He's exceptionally good, or great! He's got that soothing voice, to me. He's just like singing lullaby, you know. I don't know but I just feel relaxed and entertained listening to this band. That's just my personal opinion, okay?

Thanks YouTube, and to BoyceAvenue. Keep up the good work! And thanks to Google and Blogger.

Well, I better sign off now, folks. Until next time around. take care. And, have a good night, everyone!-chris a. quilpa, 04March2012

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