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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Post-Sunday Post

Thanks to God! My wife and I arrived home safely in 757, past eight tonight. We had just brought our young adult daughter back to her University college dorm this afternoon. Yes, her "early" one-week spring break ends tonight. She and her fellow Univ students resume classes tomorrow, Monday. Well, at least, she has had a week's off from schoolwork. She, however, was able to get things done, for herself, while on "vacation." She has had her periodic dental check up and her annual medical check up.

Nope. I didn't feel like eating a heavy dinner tonight, when my wife called me for dinner. I just settled for a small plate of vegetable salad and a cup of orange juice, and four pieces of A Hint of Salt Ritz crackers. That's all. After all, I've been munching No Salt roasted peanuts and a piece of Gala apple on the road on our way back home to HR from C-ville. Yes, I feel tired already, especially my lower back that's been aching from almost six-seven hours travel (back and forth). Even if I'm just a passenger on the driver's side, I admit, I just couldn't tolerate to be sitting down for a long period of time. I have chronic lower back problem, folks! Now you know why? But, I try to manage my pain in such a way that I can still function and be of help and not a burden to others.

As usual, my wife did the driving. As always, I try to keep her company, each time we're on a long trip on the road. Going to C-ville, we didn't do any stop at a rest area. We were just cruisin' smoothly. But, going back home, we had only one stop at the second Rest Area, a.k.a. Welcome Center.

Guess what or who we encountered there inside the lobby of the Welcome Center? Two of our children's former schoolmates in high school and the parents of one of the two. We shook hands, exchanged Hi's and engaged in a pleasant conversation, as usual. J and T were asking about our son and our daughter, too. We told them they're doing well. J and T are two of my son's good friends or buddies. When our son is home, they always have a get together, sort of. They're like that.

Well, folks, this is all for now. Until next time around. It's 10:32 already.  Good night, everyone! (I need to go to bed now.)-chris a. quilpa, 11March2012

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