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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Looking Forward to Springtime

It's a rainy Tuesday morning over here in 757. Thanks to God for He brings rain today to cleanse or wash away the dust and the dirt on some parts of our land. He moistens the ground so plants can breath fresh air and flowers start to appear, making the landscape beautiful in our sight! Good and gracious God, I thank you so much for this transition from dusky winter to a revitalizing spring. But dewdrops and spotty rain showers are welcome! Then, here comes the sun, again! Wonderful sight to behold!

It's getting more consistent to note that temperature in our area is in the high of low 70s throughout the week. I, personally, like this mild weather. I prefer spring, of all the seasons. Why? There is the revival and renewal of the soul and spirit, to me. Not that it's Lenten season leading to glorious and triumphant Easter but the mere fact that there's growth and life after months of hibernation. It's fascinating to see the sprouting baby leaves of trees and plants. Much more so to blooming flowers, with their captivating, exciting, sweet smell, everywhere! Ah, so lovely and adorable to see! That's nature at its pristine and unblemished way. What a beauty in the meadows and hills and plains and valleys and mountains, lakes and rivers and springs! Thank you God for these creation of yours!

Yes, I'm looking forward to springtime! One more week to go, huh. What about you, folks, out there? I know, you're tired of having "gloomy" weather with tons of snow in your area. (We had only a couple of times of flurries in our region.) But, as the saying goes, there's a reason for every season. Amen to that.

Well, this is all for now, friends. Thanks YouTube and to the video uploaders. Thank you, Google and Blogger. Thanks to all for having the time with me. Until next time around. Have a pleasant day, everyone!-chris a. quilpa, 13March2012

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