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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Walking Around the Neighborhood on A Beautiful, Sunshiny Wednesday

What a wonderful Wednesday today! Thanks to God, the weather is bright and beautiful! Full of sunshine and surprises out there! How's it in your area, folks? Hope and pray that you've got mild and pleasant day or beautiful day, I should say! Enjoy while it lasts! It's such a perfect day, really, to be out there under the bright sky and sun! Ah, spring is all around us, no doubt!

Yes, I got a dose of vitamin D today! Thanks, Jesus! Aside from my morning breakfast of organic 1% low fat with two slices of 100% whole wheat bread sandwich withNutkao ("fantasia di cacao", cocoa and  hazelnut spread) from Italy, I got a raw dose of vitamin D from the sun. Yeah, I did go out and take a walk around our neighborhood. It's such a perfect day, folks, at 1030 this morning, to stroll around and enjoy the bright and sunshiny weather. Thanks to God, I was able and determined to go out and around our neighborhood! So beautiful and so perfect to be out there and enjoy the sun and sightseeing.

You betcha, I brought with me my camera and cell phone when I left the house for a walk around my neighborhood. Of course, I took some shots along the way. I took pictures of trees, with baby leaves coming out. I had one picture of a tree with flowers already coming out. Likewise, I did take photos of bikers, jogger, walkers, like me, etc. I got lucky to have taken a photo of two Canadian geese by the side of the man-made lake. I met a couple walking with their dog, then a young adult male walking with his terrier, too. (We got to know each other with the same name, Chris. I came to know he works at Apple.)

In one of the subdivisions, I happened to see three men doing some lawn maintenance service on a house at at a corner lot. While I was passing by them, a black man, probably their boss, approached me and introduced his name. He did his sales pitch on me. That is, if I need a lawn maintenance service, or landscaping work done to my yard, he can be of service. He handed me one of his business cards with Danelle's Tree & landscaping Services printed on it. I asked him how much does he charge for lawn mowing and hedge and trimming. It depends on how large your lawn or backyard is, he said. It starts at $50. He told me to see their work on the house they're doing now tomorrow and I decide if I can have a work contract for my lawn and backyard. I said, "I may call you." His name is Danelle.  

I continued my walking, at my own slow pace. I think, I was able to walk for half a mile already? Good Lord, I couldn't believe it! But, my left hip and left knee have been bothering me. I've been feeling the pain as I was going on with my strolling around the neighborhood. I've walked that far from our house. But, I manage my pain by humming a song or two, while I was vigilant around my environment. Cars passed by; another walker passed over me. I just took my time, being out there under the sun and bright sky. I heard a few birds singing, while hopping from tree to tree. I wanted to capture one, but it flew away immediately! God is wonderful with all the natural beauty I see around! Believe me, folks, I've been enjoying those fleeting moments while outside! Thanks to God, I'm alive and well! I did something for myself today! I did try to improve my health by walking around. I feel good, Lord God. Thank you, Jesus, for having given me the strength and stamina today!

It was noontime when I came back home, achy, tired but feeling good. Yes, I don't have a reason to complain. But, just to be out there again under the sun is truly wonderful! It's great to see nature and meet people around the neighborhood. How blessed we all are in life, being with nature outside!

Thanks YouTube and the uploader of the video (I embedded in this blog post). Than you, Google and Blogger. Thanks to God for the beautiful day today! Thank you, Jesus, for inspiring me to be/do good!

Well, folks, this is all for now. Until next time around. Thanks for your time again. Take care and Have a blessed day, everyone! Ciao!-chris a. quilpa, 14March2012

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