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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Several Ways to Observe Lent

It's never too late to observe Lent, as one Catholic priest/blogger opines lately in his latest blog post. (I'm one of the many who's following his blog, almost daily.) I agree with him. If we didn't have a good start, start all over for a better result, this time. If, along the way, we stumbled and fell, let's get up and start walking again! It's just like the old adage If at first you don't succeed, try again. Yes, folks, let's not give up hope immediately. Let's try and try until we're out of breath.

Lent is the opportune time, for us, to reflect on what matters most to us. We're aware that we're surrounded with material things, as part of our life. We're aware, too, that we have others out there who are deprived of the things we enjoy. What do we do as part and parcel of the human family? Don't we have a responsibility toward ourselves and others? Being good and kind to ourselves and others, sharing to and giving up something of what we have for others, and praying for others, the world---these are ways to jumpstart, or restart, observing our Lent.

We have physical, mental, social, spiritual life. We age; we grow old. We change. Eventually, we die, literally and figuratively. Such activity, or process, is inevitable and inescapable. It's a fact that we have a physical life span here on earth. But, as Catholics and Christians, we believe in dying and resurrection, and life everlasting with our Creator, Almighty God.

As long as we have hope, faith, and charity in our hearts, we're doing well in life. With our good and gracious and loving God with us, we're saved from damnation. We have a place in His Kingdom, we believe.

As always, thanks YouTube, and the video uploaders. Thanks Google and Blogger. Thanks to all who do good for others. Thanks to God! And, thank you, Jesus, for saving us and inspiring us to live a life of faith!

This is all for now, folks. I do hope and pray that you're doing well so far. Until next time around. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day, everyone!-chris a. quilpa, 13March2012

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