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Friday, October 5, 2012

Random Thoughts of Yesterday and Today, TGIF!

I've just finished using the restroom and praying along the Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary of our Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of Jesus, our Savior (via a video on YouTube), yesterday morning at about 9:00 o'clock, when my cell phone rang. At that very moment I was engrossed watching/listening to a video,  which I happened to come across, explaining why a certain "holy" man or follower of God, a so-called "evangelizer" was not what he claims to be. (FYI, I've come across a couple of videos of this uploader on YouTube before and he seems very convincing and as if he knows what he's talking about because of his unquestionable research about such and such topic, especially pertaining to true Catholicism.)

I let the video on YouTube continue running while I grabbed, flipped through and answered my phone. It was Andrew, my young adult who currently works in The Capital but resides in The Land of Mary. He called me to inform that his car, parked outside of his apartment-house, was broken into. That the passenger glass window was broken and that his GPS (Global Positioning System) unit was stolen or missing. As a parent, I sort of "interrogated" him to get facts, asking a couple of questions as to how did he find out, how did he think happen, and why. Eventually, I told him to call the police to report what happened, if he hasn't done so. And, to call our car insurance, too. I was about to remind him to call/notify his work but he said he already did. "Do what you have to do and update me, okay?Take care and be safe." That's what I said to him prior to hanging up my cellphone.

In the course of event, I kept communicating with Andrew to find out if there's any new development about the incident or the breaking-in of his car. He said the police were there and took info. He said he already notified his work, contacted our car insurance, has an appointment in the afternoon to go to the nearest car window replacement shop, arranged by our car insurance agent, for the window replacement, and that he has to pay $50 or $60 only. The rest is taken care of by our insurance. That's good, I said. From him, I learned that he has to go to his work first, driving his car (before going to his appointment) because it's his last day, yesterday, to meet one of his classes there at work. And he has to be there. Again I said, "do what you have to do, Son, and keep me posted." He said yes, and "thank you, Dad."

Fast forward. Yesterday morning, I also called my young adult daughter Tintin to find out how she's doing since it's her first day at work yesterday in D-ville. I left her a message in her cellphone when I couldn't get hold of her. I supposed she got there at work safely (via her first time driving independently) and that she's getting orientation of the work, etc.

Although I heard or knew something already before about the person under discussion in the video, I continued my video-watching/listening on YouTube. I also checked on another video uploader whose video has a similar topic, but with a guest who tried to clarify some points about the concerned person.

Before 11:00 o'clock yesterday morning, I was having my McBreakfast sandwich, with a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, at the nearest McRestaurant. While enjoying my "brunch," and reading yesterday's edition of the local community's newspapers (which I used to be an active letter-to-the-editor writer turned regular volunteer or unpaid (guest) "columnist" in 2008), my wife Freny phoned me, as usual, from her school-work. I told her where I was and what I was doing, and where I've planned to go and do next. She usually calls me during that time of day to find out how am I doing, and where I am, etc. How loving, how sweet, huh? (Initially, I didn't mention at all to her about what happened to Andrew's car. I don't want her to worry, though.) She said she's going to eat her (home-cooked) lunch. "Go for it," I said. "I also bought you and Rose (my sis-in-law) that 2 for $3 McBreakfast sandwiches." She asked me if I already called Tintin. I answered yes and "left her a message. probably she's busy at work." I assured her to call her (Tintin) back again. After exchanging that routine three important words, "I love you," we hung up each other's phone.

While still at McRestaurant, I've noticed or observed people arriving to the restaurant for lunch, by groups. I saw this family, sans a Dad, with two young middle or high school-aged boys with their grandma, Mom, and another female, presumably a friend of Mom. They were occupying a round table of four or five while waiting for their food. I overheard the Mom saying to her two sons to just go to the next table next to them.

BTW, as soon as I saw them coming in the thought of school came to mind for the two boys. And it was only Thursday yesterday. Not a holiday or no classes in schools, both public and private, to my knowledge.

Curious, and concerned (I thought) I was, I asked one of the adults or the boys if they're home-schooled. The grandma said they are. My forethought was answered. I was clarified or enlightened. I was about to ask a couple more questions about home-schooling, i.e., requirements/qualifications, if any, as to home-school teacher, how long have the boys been home-schooled, whether or not if and when the boys are allowed to participate in public school sports activities, testing/monitoring progress of learning, U.S. Department of Education guidelines with regards to home-schooling, etc. But, I hesitated when they were busy enjoying their food.

Aside from the uniformed military personnel coming in for lunch, there's this woman with young girls and a baby on a stroller waiting for their food also, while occupying a rectangular table on my right side. They appeared to be the same people that I saw walking around the neighborhood when I was driving along the community and on my way to McRestaurant. But without a man , or a father, with them. Man, that was a long distance stroll! I was right! They were the ones strolling around slowly under the sun. I said Hi and introduced myself to the young black woman, probably in her early thirties. I offered our van if ever they need a ride going back to our subvidision. The woman said they're okay. And added, "thank you."

After my "brunch," I did what I've planned to go and do: bought and mailed/sent a "Get Well Card" for one of my sisters in California who recently visited the hospital for chest pain.There was one thing that I modified with  one of my plans yesterday. Instead of going to pay personally my cell phone bill in the office as I usually do for the past six months, I've thought of just mailing it (while I was half-way to their office but dropped by a Driving Improvement School for inquiry). That's exactly what I did, after I've mailed that "Get Well Soon" card for my younger sister, and after pumping gas to our van at a nearby gas station-convenient store.

At home, I called Andrew on my cellphone. He said that he's having lunch closed to where his car is getting fixed or repaired. Again, I reminded him to update me. Then, I got a text message. It's from Tintin. "Busy@work." That's the entire message. I tried to phone her. I got lucky, this time, to talk briefly to her. Briefly, I say, because I know she's busy at work, being her first day yesterday. I was glad and thankful to hear from her that she's arrived safely at work and doing well. At that point, I told her the news about her brother's car. She was surprised, as expected. I reminded her about safety, to "do this and that" check in her car, to never leave anything visible out there in her car that's a target for, you know, break-in and/or robbery. Well, I know and am aware that she and her brother are now grown up and starting to try to live their life independently. But as a parent, I feel obligated to still share my thoughts and to remind them of things that they may not have thought of or that they may have overlooked. That's me.

One time, years ago, I told the two, especially Andrew, that I won't give advice unless they seek one from me. You know, I've learned and got used to let them go to explore the world, and learn more about life on their own. Yes, I, for one, want them to go out of their comfort zone, since they started college, to experience life. There's one thing, though that I always tell them: You are responsible and accountable for your action/s, now that you're adults. Yes, I let them decide for themselves what they want to do in their life. After all, that's their life to live. And I, as their Dad, am always there to support them in my capacity and whatever I can. As for my wife, Freny has a different view about parenting, dealing with our two children. I understand her for that maternal/motherly instinct. (At times, we have sort of disagreement or argument about matters pertaining to our children. I try to be always that logical or rational, though. I don't wanna say if I make more sense, the fact that I believe in my heart that I'm more open-minded and more experienced in other aspects of life. I am upfront when I say that I've known, experienced, and lived life the hard. And I'm not ashamed to tell the whole wide world about my life story, for it's an open book.)

Okay, while I was watching a British soap opera on YouTube, with our TV set in the family room on one of the local TV channels airing a long standing TV soap or drama, Freny called informing me that she and Rose were on their way home from school-work. That's the time that I decided to tell her about Andrew's car in which  the latter's GPS unit was stolen. Surprised, and worried, she was? Of course, definitely, as expected! Well, she was already telling me that we've got to buy him a new one, that we're going to see him this weekend! "Helicopter Mom," I uttered. And then, I remarked, "whatever you decide, 'Mang," I said. BTW, we call each other 'Mang (short for Mamang or Mommy) and 'Pang or Papang (for Pappy or Poppy?). Our two children call us Dad (from Andrew) or Papa (from Tintin) and Mama.

Last night, while Rose, my sis-in-law was in her part-time job (four hours work) at a clothing store, and Freny was taking a nap, after the two have eaten their sandwiches from McRestaurant, I was preparing something for dinner while our TV was on for newscast. I thought of cooking pasta with hot ground sausage and, of course, tomato-based pasta sauce. First, I checked to make sure I have the ingredients for my recipe which I have had the, fortunately. I brought them all out and then started cooking. Two burners were on at the same time. One for the pasta and the other for the frozen, uncooked ground hot sausage. In thirty minutes, I was done cooking! Half of the cooked sausage was mixed with that casserole of boiled pasta (mixed whole wheat grain) with pasta sauce, and the other half was set aside. That leftover sausage can be eaten with boiled rice, you know.

But, of course, I tasted/ate what I cooked, not bothering to wake up Freny. I know, she's tired from her teaching yesterday afternoon. Plus, I doubt if she got enough sleep last night. Anyway, as soon as I was done, I continued watching other European soap that I've started watching and following on YouTube. (I tell you, folks and friends, how glad and thankful I am for having a laptop from my nephew Tony. And, I still have that old one that Andrew used in college, six years ago? as a back up. It's slow but it still works.)

No, I didn't have the time to write my blog post yesterday. I was not in the mood but overwhelmed with minor house chores. I wanted, too, but I was too tired already when I went upstairs in our room. That was after nine last night. At that time, Freny already woke up. I told her I already ate my dinner and if she wanted to eat, the table was ready. I mean, the food was ready on the table.

Upstairs, I did read  a couple of Catholic blogs from the ones I've been following, and did visit briefly Facebook. That's when I read Andrew's stating that his car got broken into. I read some of his friends' comments, too. I did comment, too. I wrote, "thanks to God that your car is (already) fixed. Be safe and vigilant, as always! And learn a lesson from this experience, ok, son? May God bless you always!" After a few minutes, Freny also commented. In this connection, Freny and I had a chance to talk to him, knowing he's already back in his apartment-house.

TGIF! (Thanks to God It's Friday!) Well, this early morning at 3:39, I woke up to the sound of Freny's hands typing on her laptop computer (loaned from her school). She said she's doing her lesson plan. At this time of the day? At dawn? So, she hasn't been to bed, yet? I rose up, walked my way to our restroom, in our bedroom, to take a leak. Then, I went back to bed. With the distinct sound of the laptop keys being constantly pounded by Freny's fingers, I could hardly get back to sleep! (As you may know, folks and friends, my ears are that so sensitive to sounds, I tell you. Though my visions are faltering me, especially my right eye that's always constantly tearing, my ears are too sharp for any slight whisper or silent talk? Really!)

So, I did turn on my laptop and read some Catholic blogs, and researched on a couple of topics in Wikipedia. As I keep on saying, the internet technology continues to amaze me with so many stuff in it to digest or just pass it on...Freny was snoring when I was doing my reading. She came to bed almost 4:00 o'clock A.M!

I went back to bed when our alarm-clock-radio (set at 6:00 o'clock a.m., daily, and on NPR), sounded off. Thirty minutes after, Freny has no choice but to rise up and prepare herself for her school-work.

I felt kinda tired when I walk up this morning. I know, it has something to do with my unusual sleeping pattern today. But, I'm thankful to be alive and see and hear the sights and sounds of our world. I can still manage to smile and laugh, though. And, praise and say thank you, Lord! Thank you, Jesus!  Mother Mary, pray for us! Blessed Mother Teresa and Blessed John Paul, and all the Angels and Saints who have done Your will, pray for us, sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. Thank you, YouTube and Google and Blogger, and Facebook, and Wikipedia.

Here I've got to sign off for now.Until next time around, my dear folks and friends. Take care and have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend, everyone! Thank you for your time. Thank you, God and thank you, Jesus! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 05Oct2012.

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