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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Catholic Videos on YT

Good Thursday, everyone! (As I'm writing this blog post, I'm also watching/listening the 2012 World Series Baseball Game between San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers on TV.)

Praying the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Heavenly Mother and Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, is a wonderful opportunity for me to use my time wisely, while using the restroom in our bedroom, especially in the morning. Strange but true. Such an unusual place to pray to and praise God, our Heavenly Father! Well, whatever works for you and me, there's no such thing as a specific place, and time, to pray and to give thanks to our loving God and his Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We ask, as always, the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, our universal Heavenly Mother.

Yes, Thursday morning, I prayed and meditated on the Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Heavenly Mother and Mother of Jesus Christ, our Savior. I prayed along my rosary with a video by CatholicTV on YouTube. (The video above is what I used in praying my rosary. It reminds me of my experience when I went to Rome, Italy in 1980, stayed there for one month and a half. Unforgettable, fond memories with the Gen and the Focolare! Thanks to YouTube and to the video uploader. No copyright infringement intended.)

Afterwards I did a little research about praying the rosary on the Internet, out of curiosity. I came across this website (to find peace and serenity in your life) where I saw this Inspiring Quotes on the right side of the page. I noted it down on my Composition Book. Here's the quotes from Pope Benedict XV: "This (rosary) prayer is perfect because of the praise it offers, because of the lessons it imparts, because of the graces it obtains and because of the triumphs it achieves."

I also watched a couple of videos on YouTube that relate to Mother Mary and the Rosary. This is what I thought: The rosary is a way to know Mary and the intimate relationship between our Lord, Jesus Christ and his Mom, Mother Mary. While watching and listening to the videos by CatholicTV, I scribbled these lines on my Composition Book...

Many names

         Many tongues
Many, different colors
But one Faith
One big family
                    The Catholic Church.
                                           -chris a. quilpa, 25Oct2012

Afterwards, I did eat cereals for breakfast. Then I came across a video on Holy Cross Ordination Mass 2012. The newly-ordained priest was a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, in Indiana, USA. I watched it so patiently since the video was 2 hours long. The ceremony was solemn. It was also joyful, to me, because this young man with immense possibilities and potentials, has committed himself fully to (be a follower/disciple of) our Lord Jesus Christ. He answered God's call to live or practice a life of chastity, poverty, and obedience. May God bless him and his loving and understanding family!

In between watching the video, I did visit the website of the video uploader, cscvocations. And to learn more about the university mentioned, I visited  Wikipidea. Thanks to Wikipedia for the useful info. I learned something again. (In fact, I'd love to visit Notre Dame campus and attend a Mass at the Basilica of Sacred Heart there in Indiana. Someday, who knows?) See, my dear folks and friends, for as long as we're alive and able, and have access to the internet, we can always gain knowledge for ourselves, and for others, too, when we share or transmit such info to others for their benefit.

Well, for the rest of the afternoon, after preparing something for dinner, I did watch a couple of my favorite soaps on YouTube. Thanks to the video uploaders and thanks, YouTube. Also, thanks to Google and Blogger, and Facebook.

Well, this is all for now, my dear folks and friends. Until next time around. Take care and have a beautiful day, everyone! May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 25Oct2012.

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