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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Day After Sandy's Visit in Virginia

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Bye, bye Stormy Sandy! Thank you for sparing us (in our area) with your wrath, although you left us grounded yesterday to receive your tremendous rainfall. Yes, you dumped us with your unbelievable  squalls and downpour that flooded our low-lying areas, saturating our grounds everywhere. Your "Frankenstorm" surged, damaging some roads and houses and businesses elsewhere (but not in our area, thanks to God), delaying and cancelling schools and travel flights, closing our public offices and buildings, but you didn't dampen/damage our spirit. You didn't blow or wash away our hopes, even if you downed some of trees and power lines, and destroyed some of our infrastructures, etc. Not at all, Sandy! Life is more precious, to us, than anything material. We'll survive and we'll see the Light  at the end of the tunnel...We're safe and we continue praying. (To those victims of your power and fury, I pray, "may the souls of the faithful departed...through the mercy of God, rest in peace." Amen. May their families find comfort and loving care in their midst of sorrow and grief.)

Yes, Sandy, we're more prepared than ever. We're courageous and resilient, as ever now, to face life's uncertainties. We're hopeful, though, that we can pull through, that our life be back to normal, and that it will get better as we move on living our lives with our Faith and freedom. We're stronger and fearless because we have Faith. We put our trust in the Creator. And we believe in the love, protection, and goodness of our Almighty God, our Heavenly Father. Thanks to God that you're gone, and that (hopefully and prayerfully), you'll find your way out of our radar for good. Thanks, anyway. Yes, the worst is definitely over now in our area, although we're experiencing cold weather. What, winter is here already? No way, man! We need to get comfy! (FYI, I just switched our HVAC unit on from AC to heater today!)

To all of our TV news reporters and broadcasters, media people and meteorologists or weather men and women, and civilian and military personnel who were out there yesterday, repairing utilities and power, maintaining peace and order and security, and those involved in the rescue, cleaning, and administering support services to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, we thank you. Thank you to our doctors and healthcare professionals who have been taking care of our patients, especially our babies and elderly. Thank you to all of our public servants. Thank you for your unquestionable commitment, service and leadership. Kudos to everyone who deserves it.  Thank you, good and gracious God. And thank you, Jesus.

My wife Freny, along with her sister Rose, went to work this morning. A little late than usual because of the two-hour delay reporting notification she received (via phone, and from local TV announcement) yesterday.

As usual, while I was using the restroom in our room, I did pray and meditate the Sorrowful Mysteries of the holy rosary (of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Heavenly Mother to all) along with a video from YouTube. (While praying, I even shared the video I used to my Facebook friends, hoping and praying they did their part.) I also listened to some Catholic music videos by artists such as David Haas and Marty Haugen. I also shared a couple of selected videos from YouTube to our Facebook friends, to give them the opportunity to listen what I'm listening. I do hope you guys had the chance to listen and enjoy those music videos. Thanks YouTube and the video uploaders.

After breakfast, I prepared our bills to be mailed. Then, after getting dressed up, with warm jacket and a cap, I drove to the nearest post office to drop my mail. From there, I went to one of my banks to pay my monthly car payment. From there, I dropped by at Dollar Tree Market where I bought some (inexpensive) wine from Spain and U.S., some Thanksgiving cards, munchies and goodies for the visiting costumed kids who'll be here tomorrow evening. For Trick or Treating!

Remember Halloween? Well, it's a tradition here in the U.S., and other countries, to have candies for these cute, scary kids, you know. Yap, I'm ready for Halloween tomorrow evening. Nope, I'm not gonna be wearing any costume. Been there, done that, man! I remember, Freny and I used to bring our two kids, young Andrew and Tintin (in their Halloween costumes) in the mall and going from door to door in our neighborhoods to receive candies and treats. Arriving home, with bagful of goodies, we'd all be munching sweets while watching TV or doing their homework.

Well, what's for dinner, my dear folks and friends? I just cooked some sausages and green beans, and steamed rice. (Today, I decided to use our new rice cooker, with warmer. Freny and I bought this at NEX last week because we gave the old one to our son.) Thanks to God that we didn't experience any power interruptions in our area. I hope and pray that the millions of people (who have been in the dark since yesterday) in other states like New Jersey, New York, and up there will have their power/light restored soon. And that they can start their recovery and repair, and clean up of whatever that were damaged, etc.

Folks and friends, this is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and Have a wonderful day, everyone! May God bless us all, always!-chris a. quilpa, 30Oct2012

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