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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend's Journal

Yay, it's rainy, stormy, windy in Hampton Roads! We're feeling the pinch of Hurricane Sandy from the Caribbean since yesterday. Prayerfully, we hope that everyone is safe and ready for any eventuality. To those victims of Hurricane Sandy in Haiti and other islands in the Caribbean, may the souls of our departed brothers and sisters, through the mercy of God, our Father, rest in peace. Amen. (The latest local news update we have in some parts of Hampton Roads is that there are flooded areas in Norfolk, Hampton, and other neighboring cities. Hopefully, water will recede in those flooded areas soon.) May God spare and deliver us from any crisis relevant to this weather (disturbance) system! God bless and keep us always! We trust in your care and love for us.

Yay, I couldn't believe it last night! I was writing my blog post, from our kitchen and continued to our room upstairs, when all of a sudden---BAM! it's gone! I was on my fourth or fifth paragraphs when my left pointing finger unconsciously or mistakenly pressed a key on my laptop, and everything was erased! Mind you, my dear folks  and friends, I was so tired and feeling sleepy last night but I thought I could finish my post prior to going to bed. In a split of a second, everything was gone! So, I gave up my blogging since my bed has been waiting...

Referring to my Composition Book, here's what I recalled from what I've written for my blog post last night...

27Oct2012 (Saturday)

My thoughts after waking up:

Everyone prepares
for the coming of Jesus
to welcome Him home.

@0847---Prayed along the rosary with a video on YouTube while I was using the restroom; Used a video uploaded by lovetrinity8; Meditated on the Joyful Mysteries.

After using the restroom and praying my rosary, I went back to our bedroom and surfed the 'Net. I came across a video or two on medical issues by certain certified/licensed doctor-lecturers. One of them was speaking about Human Fetal Circulation. Cardiology was the topic of the other doctor-lecturer who works in one of the well-known universities in California. These videos were so educational and highly informative, especially for those medical-nursing students. I did check on other video uploaders whose topics were about medicine and pharmacy or pharmacology. They're very interesting. Anyway, I had to stop my video-watching on YouTube because my wife just brought up a cupful of hot oatmeal with milk for my breakfast. Thanks a lot to my loving wife Freny.

At first, I was adamant to go with her but I gave in yesterday afternoon to Freny. Despite the (unwanted, unpleasant) weather disturbance swirling somewhere in the tropics and heading towards the Northestern U.S or Eastern Seaboard, i.e, Florida, the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, we went out to a neighboring city where we attended the one-year death anniversary of our friends' Mom. (We did attend their Mom's funeral last year, same month, and from then on we became closed friends. We even visited them, and stayed overnight in their house when we were on a week's vacation to California in mid-August, this year.) Lots of food, with guests/visitors present. We had the opportunity to see our friend Boy who came all the way from California, just to be with her two sisters and their remaining folks and relatives in Hampton Roads. We came to know one of their guests, Greg who informed us he came to the US first as a postgraduate student in physics. He also introduced us his visiting Dad, Viktor, who wasn't fluent in English. per Greg's account, he's married to one of our friends' nieces. And having bought their house in Norfolk, they've been married for two years, with no children yet. Currently, Gregory is working in one of the physics laboratories in another city. I did say this to Greg: You could be a physics teacher for they need Science teachers in school. But he was quick to answer: No, Chris, I'm more into research. Then, we continued our conversation in our friends' family room while their TV was on a Filipino cable channel (which I didn't mind because we were engrossed in eating and at the same time engaging in intermittent chat with Greg and our friend Boy. We didn't have the opportunity to talk to Greg's Filipino wife who was somewhere around the house with her fellow cousins and aunts? There was a group of our friends' guests/visitors who were playing cards in the kitchen, while some were in the living room chatting. Such occasion was truly an opportunity to meet new acquaintances and friends, making connections and interactions, engaging in conversations/discussions with topics ranging from economy, the forthcoming General Election 2012 in the U.S., etc.

From our friends', Freny and I went to NEX in Norfolk to buy a replacement to our old rice cooker that's inoperable already. Rain continued, on and off, intermittently. In short, the ground was wet yesterday (and even today, Sunday).

After dinner last night, I started watching music videos on YouTube. Then, after an hour or two, I started blogging. I continued it upstairs in our room, while TV was on. Then, in a split of a second, BAM! My blog post was gone! Nothing was saved when I tried to go over...Bedtime followed.

28Oct2012 (Sunday)

Awakened to the sound of our alarm-clock-radio that's always set on NPR (National Public Radio) at 6:00 a.m. everyday, I rose up from bed @ about 7:00 this morning, while Freny was still asleep. It was Bob Edwards Weekend on the radio. And Mr. Edwards's guest this morning was "Goosebumps" book author R.L. Stine. My thoughts (which I scribbled on my Composition Book) at that moment that Mr. Edwards was interviewing the author...

We love to wear masks
to live our fantasy world
we love to pretend.

Then, it's the call of the restroom. Afterward, I  prepared myself for Mass. I woke up Freny so she could prepare, too. I thought that Rose, my sis-in-law, was already preparing also in her room.

It continued raining, this morning, as we got out of the house for Sunday Mass at St. Paul's. But, of course, we dressed up appropriately for the weather. Freny was scheduled to serve as volunteer Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) today. No, I wasn't on the list. But, lo and behold, I was called to fill in for someone who didn't show up because of inclement weather probably (or possibly). I'm game, Lord, I said to myself. I'm ready, as always. Rev. Fr. David, our pastor for four clustered parishes including St. Paul's Catholic Church, was our priest-celebrant. The Gospel, he read, was according to St. Mark. It spoke about Bartimaeus, a blind man, hearing Jesus called out loudly, "Jesus, son of David, have pity on me!" Jesus summoned him and, seeing his faith, cured him. Bartimaeus followed Jesus.

In his homily, Rev. Fr. David talked about Bartimaeus who didn't mind those people who prevented him to speak up by asking Jesus to help him see. Fr. David connected this experience to everyone who has something to say but s/he is probably feeling unworthy to say it or share such knowledge or skill/s to others. His main point, to my understanding, is that we have to be embolden to share whatever ideas/thoughts or experiences we have, especially on religious issues that may be useful to the whole parish or community of faith.

After the Mass, we had an opportunity to shake hands with friend-parishioners like Mike (Myrna's husband), Paul, and, of course, Rev. Father David. As I was about to put my cap and about to shake hands with Father David, he said, "I love your hat!" Thanks, Father, I replied, as I removed my hat just as I was about to descend from the steps of St. Paul's. (I bought that one in C-ville, a year ago, I think.) Now, at that moment, I told Freny that I have an idea what to give to Fr. David for Thanksgiving Day or Christmas. I hope I'll be able to find the same model or style, somewhere in any malls in the area. I doubt if they carry that style I have in the NEX. Well, we'll see.

We went to NEX after the Mass, had brunch there at this chain restaurant. Then, afterwards, we just roamed around the store. I bought a bottled of red wine, locally produced in Chesapeake. (It tastes good, for I've tried one before. Excellent, inexpensive table wine, though!) I also bought a soft-bound book, about Declaration of Independence and other writings/articles by 16th U.S. president Abraham Lincoln. (I paid the book ahead of time, while Freny and Rose were still window-shopping, I guess.) Yap, I've got to feed my mind, not only my belly, you know! I don't know about you, folks and friends, but I like/love books. I like to be enlightened and educated, like everybody else, I guess.

Arriving home, we found out that my red wine was missing! Freny phoned NEX. They have it! She told Andrew (the NEX employee whom the former checked the shirts and whatever merchandise she has out and paid) that we'd be there in an hour. BTW, Rose went to her part-time work. She'd be home at 6 p.m., I think so.

After changing clothes, from church clothes to casual wear, Freny and I found our way to NEX. On the road, we listened to songs of American Idol 2012 season 11 winner Phillip Phillips, just to keep us going amidst the inclement weather. Just to get our red wine we left off or forgot at the check out register awhile ago, we're back at NEX. From there, we proceeded to the Commissary store where we bought some stuff again. Over a hundred buck we spent right there just for the groceries.

Yeah, man! I did try to cook chili beans for dinner. Actually, I just wanted to try cooking this, because I found that chili from Wendy's a challenge for me. So that's what gave me an idea, from that chili beans Freny and Rose bought when they went to pick up Tintin at D-ville last weekend? Good! I did my own version of chili beans. After cooking, you know what I usually do, folks and friends. I tasted or ate it, with Freny. The latter decided to go to our friend Myrna's to share some of my cooking and that rice cakes that Rose bought from her co-worker today. (We dropped by to pick it up, from the store where Rose is working part-time, once we were on our way home.) That's what Freny did. I didn't go out with her, this time, because I decided to stay put and to start my blogging. And that's what I've been doing since Freny left and even when she arrived minutes ago. So, I think, I have to sign off now, my dear folks and friends.

Until next time around. Take care and have a pleasant Sunday, everyone! We have to get ready and brace ourselves with this weather disturbance that forecasters have predicted to be a powerful storm? (Yes, we just learned that Freny doesn't have school/work tomorrow. Since last night, one of the universities in Hampton Roads has already announced they don't have classes tomorrow, Monday. No classes tomorrow. Yup, classes are cancelled because of the incoming Hurricane Sandy in our area. That's good, I think. So we have to be prepared to be safe and to do what we have to do with whatever comes our way. We can always pray, though.) As always, May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 28Oct2012

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