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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yesterday's Fall Travel to The Capital

Good day, Wednesday, everyone!

Yesterday morning, after praying along the rosary, via a video on YouTube, my wife and I traveled to The Capital to see our son and give him a new GPS (Global Positioning System) unit, as a replacement of that old one that was stolen from his car last week.

For long trips, as usual, my wife was the "designated" driver of our van. As you may well know, my dear folks and friends, she's more experienced than I am. She has been driving since high school, way back in the Philippines. As for me, I only learned to drive in the U.S. three or four years after emigrating here in late 1983. I was already in the U.S Navy when I got my very first driving license in The Golden State.

Well, along the way to DC, we dropped by at McRestaurant for McBreakfast sandwiches and a medium-size cup of coffee. No, we didn't eat there in the restaurant. We had it on the road, while listening to songs of the American Idol Season 11 finalists.

After two rest stops, at designated Rest Area or Welcome Center, and after reading some news-articles on yesterday's edition of one of two local newspapers in Hampton Roads, we finally arrived at our destination, The Capital. No, we didn't go straight to our son's because he's still at work 'ti 5:00 o'clock pm. We had an hour to roam around the area. We decided to we pay a visit to America's Patronal Church, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception where I prayed my rosary, again. (I was almost finished praying my rosary quietly when, unexpectedly, the cross of my white plastic rosary gave way or was detached from the rest of the rosary beads!)

No, we didn't attend Mass there because the next daily scheduled Mass was 5:15 pm. We just hang around in there and did a bit of shopping at the Basilica's shop where I bought two key chain rosaries, one for me and one for Andrew.

Before five, we left the Basilica and went to see Andrew in his work. A few minutes after we've parked our van, our son showed up, with a white male co-worker? He introduced us his friend/co-worker, Scott. And we're glad and thankful to have met and known him. Scott mentioned that he's originally from California but because of his employment or commitment with AmeriCorps he's there in DC.

After a brief chitchat with our son and his co-worker, and after giving Andrew his new GPS unit and some other stuff, Freny and I drove back to Hampton Roads. I gave out that key chain rosary to him and one also to Scott. Parting words for the two, I said, "take care and, you guys, be safe."

Along the way, my wife and I had two Rest Area stops, just to take a leak. Then, off we're gone, on the Interstate highway again, like the rest of travelers. The road was busy with commuters, like us. Traffic was not that bad. But traveling at night, as I've said previously in one of my blog posts, is not my style. (I always prefer to travel during the day where I can see things, nature, people, etc. Likewise, I'd rather spend the night in that place, in a hotel, than being on the road at night, you know.)

Since we didn't fill gas on our van while in DC, Freny was concerned if we could make it to HR. I assured her we're okay the fact that we still had 7-8 gallons, I think, of fuel. That's more than enough to bring us home. To amuse us as we're traveling, we listened to our CDs, songs of the AI finalists and that one, a compilation of Irish songs, while we're snacking some slightly-salted pistachios and crackers, and that bottled sweet tea from one of the vending machines at the newer Visitors' Welcome Center in northern Virginia. We also did have a chance to talk to Tintin in D-ville, just to let her know we're on our way back to HR and to know how she's doing over there, so far. She said she's doing well. We're glad and thankful to hear from her that she's getting better with her driving and her adjustment to life there. Thank you, God. And thank you, Jesus!

At about 9:45 pm, we arrived in Hampton Roads. But, we decided to drop by at a gas station and pumped a $50 worth of gas for our van. Then, we also thought of driving around our rental house nearby before finally going home. Just to see what's going on at night in that area.

Tired and exhausted for the road trip, I was. Same with Freny, I believe. But, thanks to God we arrived safe and sound. And that we had an opportunity to see again our son Andrew, who's doing well, I would say, teaching basic computer skills to some underserved population in that part of DC.

Well, I opted not to blog last night. You know the reason why, folks. That's why I'm doing it now, after having prayed my rosary, while in bed still, this morning, and after having eaten a bowl of oat meal, that I just cooked, good for one person. (I don't like cooking for more if I knew that there will be leftovers for others. I myself do not feel like eating a day's old oat meal. I'd prefer a hot oat meal. Newly-cooked!)

My dear folks and friends, this is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! (I remember, I have to bring our garbage bin out by the curbside. Thursday tomorrow is pick up day.) As always, May God bless us all! Peace!-chris a. quilpa, 10October2012

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