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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday's Thoughts*

My thoughts (after reading a shared link from one of my Facebook friends, Michelle, and while watching/listening to the ABC News video/s about Aaron Fisher, the so-called victim number one (out of a number of children-victims) of Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State coach convicted and sentenced to life behind bars for sexual abuse and child molestation, per news report):
                                                    Trust No One

Trust no one, they say
when you're out there
(even with others your age)
but things happen
to both young and old
(even with the same sex)
and trust is violated
in the end...

The act is repeated
again and again
one is suffering
the other at ease
or temporarily satisfied.

Again, it happens
again the suffering
again the satisfaction
until the damage has been done
for him (or her).

The effects and repercussions are felt
and seen, sooner or later
for the one suffering
victim, ignored
even when the incident reported
because he (or she) was young
no power yet to tap
no (political) clout and influence.

Helpless and hapless
he (or she) was
feeling guilty and unworthy
that all he (or she) sees
nothing but fear
shame and darkness..

But along the way
there was a ray of hope
and light at the end of the tunnel
vision the victim has made 
him (or her) stronger 
he (or she) became 
enlightened and empowered
and, finally, decided to speak up
with the media behind him (or her)
exposing the truth
by telling the truth
what has happened
with one thing in mind:
to seek for justice
not only for himself (or herself)
but for others
with the same story
pattern of use and abuse
and denigration of his (or her) dignity.

In the end, Light shone
and Justice prevailed
but, at what price
when one's spirit was shaken
one's body invaded
and violated?

(c) 2012 by chris a. quilpa

*Written while having breakfast or "brunch" this morning after eleven, at the nearest McDonald's.

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