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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back in 757, After 13 Days in D-ville (with Photos)

Good day, everyone!

It's Tuesday, a bright, beautiful and blessed day to be out there on the road again, with my wife Freny...on the wheel, as usual, for long trips such as today.

Yes, after thirteen days at daughter Tintin's in D-ville, as part of our summer getaway, Freny and I are back in 757, for now. But we'll certainly be going back to D-ville this week. I don't know why but I like the place even if other people say that there's not much to see there. I would say, there are interesting places to go, visit, explore, learn, and dine and shop, etc. There's life there, too, like other thriving town or city.

As always, I tried to take some photos to somehow document our journey along the way back to Hampton Roads, our registered domicile for almost two decades.

Travelers as we are, who love road trips, Freny and I made a couple of stops along the way---at a gas station/convenience store to "empty our bladder," and at a locally-owned farmer store named Virginia Peanut and Ham where we bought fresh farm produce like corn and cantaloupe. (They didn't have watermelon, with plenty of processed peanuts.) As we were getting closer to Suffolk city limit, we decided to change our route, sort of a little diversion. We "visited" the historic downtown Suffolk where we ate lunch. Downtown is about 25-30 minutes drive to/from our place (North Suffolk). So, where did we dine out? Where? Chinese? Subway? Apple Bees? IHOP? KFC? Panera? What, no Chipotle yet in Suffolk? The largest city (land-wise) in Virginia doesn't have Chipotle restaurant yet? That's unbelievable! We should have one already in our area in North Suffolk. Calling all business investors/entrepreneurs! We need Chipotle in Suffolk!

My oh my...Freny and I couldn't make up our mind where to eat lunch. Thank God, for having so many choices and the freedom to choose! That's what I love here in the States---my freedom as a decent, though ordinary, human being endowed with inalienable rights...(I don't need to mention them here. You guys know what they are because you and have have these basic rights.) With so many restaurants or "eateries" to choose from, we didn't have a clue at that time...Brainstorming here and there...Finally, Freny and I agreed to go Mexican! Si senor y senora, at Taco Bell---because we haven't been to this restaurant for a while! We're glad and thankful we went there. Good food, good service; clean, cozy Taco Bell, at downtown Suffolk Shopping Center, that is!

Well, without further delay, here are the photos I've taken today, from D-ville to 757, aka Hampton Roads...Enjoy!

                          Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

My dear folks and friends, I do hope you enjoyed the ride with us as we traveled back to 757 from D-ville where we spent thirteen days there doing nothing but chillin' out, going to church, meeting new "D-villean," eating in and out, and shopping! OMG! Just plain and simple summer getaway, strees-free!

This is all for now and until next time around for another adventure-blog post. Thank God, we're alive and well, and back to 757 again. Thanks, everyone, for your time visiting my blog. Take care and have a wonderful day/night wherever you may be. As alway, I pray, "May God bless US and keep US safe from harm always!"-chris a. quilpa, 23 July 2013

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