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Friday, July 12, 2013

On a Day Like This...Watching Videos...

What a day, today, in D-ville! Overcast and cloudy, with possible rain showers tonight? Cool but lazy day, Friday, that is! Btw, how's the weather in your area, my dear folks and friends? Bright and beautiful? Hot and humid? Cool? Well, whatever it is, let's be thankful for we're alive and well.

Last night, Freny and I started watching a DVD which, I learned later on from Freny, daughter Tintin ordered via mail from OYFA of UVA, an Organization of Young Filipino Americans of the University of Virginia of which she and her brother, Andrew, have been members or now alumni when they were still students at said university. The title of the DVD is the Barrio Fiesta, an annual cultural presentation/celebration of OYFA members. This year's theme is Pagkakaisa (Coming Together). Freny and I weren't able to finish it. We only viewed probably 30-45 minutes of the video because we're kind of sleepy already. We decided to continue watching it sometime tonight or at a later date.

Today, at Tintin's, after mealtime at 3:30 p.m. (I don't know if it's considered late lunch or early dinner), Freny and I were on each other's laptop, doing his/her thing---listening to music, watching videos on YouTube, and sporadic visitation to Facebook page, and blogging (that's all by/for me); surfing the web, online reading related to Chemistry, and periodic napping (that's all by/for Freny).

Now, in my video-watching on YouTube, I came across videos uploaded by TEDx. It was one of the Catholic bloggers that led me to watch the videos. So far, I have watched three videos by three speakers. The fact is, after watching the first video (about Tom Thum) shared by this Catholic blogger, I decided to share it to our Facebook friends. I found Tom entertaining, talented, and amazing with his performance, merely using his mouth, producing varied melodic upbeat sounds. Quite fascinating that he is! At that time, inquisitive as I am, I checked out other videos on YouTube posted by TEDx. That's where I watched the second video, presented by a certain South Korean-born Dr. Kim, who talks about Living without Fear. She shared to her audience about her life experiences. The third video, by Adam Baker, caught my attention, too, because it's kind of intriguing and worth-considering. There's this truism in what he was expounding---the endless pursuit of the so-called American Dream, with consumerism and debt almost at a balance, never-ending obsession. Simply put, his message to his audience and to us is: 1) Sell our  crap. 2) Pay our debt. 3) Do what we love to do. Again, I shared to our Facebook friends this third video by Adam. Why? Because it seems that most of us are guilty of this or doing this habit or lifestyle. "What does Freedom mean to you?" he asks us. Likewise, he illustrated this cycle: Work---Buy---Debt---Work---Buy---Debt...The cycle is never-ending. Is this how we live? Is this what we want (to do) in life?

Below are the videos I just watched, courtesy of YouTube and the video uploader TEDx. No copyright infringement intended. Thanks, YouTube and TEDx.

The videos are entertaining and educational, and informative, and inspirational, I would say. So, my dear folks and friends, if you want to learn more about TEDx, check its videos on YouTube.

Well, this is all for now. Thanks, everyone, for your time and effort/s. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless US and keep US safe from harm always!"-chris a. quilpa, 12 July 2013

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