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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday's Flea Market@Ringgold

Good Saturday, everyone! Hope you had a good time (and slept well) last night. I tried. Thank God, we're alive and well.

I thought the sun won't come up today, Saturday, because it was overcast this morning. It did, after an hour or two after Freny and I have eaten our breakfast at Tintin's...just simply oatmeal (with 2% reduced fat, organic mlk) that I cooked for minutes, while Freny was still in bed. Guess who's happy, insistent that we go out and see what's out there at Ringgold Flea Market today. You're guess is as good as mine.

So, out of curiosity, Freny and I did go to the above-mentioned flea market (or "swap-meet," as they refer to in other places. I've heard this word used back when I was in California, before I joined the U.S. Navy there). Although we've been to Ringgold's before, Freny has already set her mind that we go there today (and even to the Community Farmers' Market once we're done there). Well, I can say then that it's Flea Market Day today.

Well, we bought some locally-grown (farmer's) produce such cantaloupe, cucumber, nectarines, and some figurine collections like the Sleeping Beauty's seven dwarfs and other small item collectibles. Likewise, on our way back to Tintin's, we purchased a slightly-used three-piece wooden coffee table set. As they say, opportunity buys...less expensive. Good deal, too, like that new set of fine China (which Freny, at the time that I'm blogging or writing this blog, is unpacking and dish-washing them). She bought some small items, too, in that one store/market stall owned by a Korean or Chinese?

My dear folks and friends, guess what? I took photos of our "swap-meet-ing" today. Here, therefore, are the photos for the sharing...Enjoy!

                            Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

My dear folks and friends, this is all for now. (Freny has done cooking, and said the table is ready! Come on, folks and friends, join us for lunch at Tintin's in D-ville! We have steamed rice, pork chops, and sauteed shrimp-mixed vegetables, and watermelon! (See photos above.) Bon apetit!.

Until next time around. Thanks for dropping by...Take care and have a safe and wonderful weekend, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless US and keep US safe from harm always!"-chris a. quilpa, 20 July 2013

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