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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Andrew's Cooking

Hi, everyone! Good Monday to us all!

We did some bonding time today. My young adult son, Andrew, and I, that is. He's been here for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, along with his sister Tintin who's now back in D-ville where she works.

So where did we, Andrew and I, go and what did we do today? Let me tell you, my dear folks and friends...After Andrew's visit to a dental clinic this noontime, we went to the nearest post office to drop off some mail. Then, we drove to the city treasurer's office to pay our property taxes (for our 4 cars) which are due Dec 5 this year. From there we decided to have lunch at Taco Bell in Chesapeake. After lunch, we went to Walmart and bought some stuff including ingredients of that chicken recipe that he planned to cook for dinner tonight.

Now, back home, it's cooking time for Andrew, who decided to extend his Thanksgiving holiday with us. (He said he'll just go to The Capital/Land of Mary tomorrow.) See for yourselves, my dear folks and friends, what he prepared for our dinner...Yummy, indeed! Thanks, Andrew, for sharing us your culinary skill. man, we're so thankful and proud of you! God bless you always. And May God bless our family always!

Well, the photos you've been waiting to see...Enjoy!

 Photos (c) 2013 by  Chris A. Quilpa

Thanks, everyone, for reading/visiting my blog. Until next time around. Take care, my dear folks and friends. Have a peaceful day/night. May God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 12.02.2013

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