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Monday, December 9, 2013

At Service Station

Hi, everyone! Good Monday to us all! (Note: This blog post is written while I'm here at Service Station.)

It's foggy when I left the house today here in 757. The sky's gray. Drizzling. The ground is wet. And it's a little cold, too, not so chilly, though. Wishing all those travelers a safe trip so that they reach their destination physically safe and sound! Thank God, we're alive and well...

Yes, we're here at our favorite auto dealership and service center/station in Chesapeake where we purchased all our four Toyota cars at different times. One of them is due for periodic check up/inspection. And tire rotation, too, I do believe.

Right here at Toyota dealership service center's spacious lobby where most of the customers are waiting for their car to be done, I'm just chillin' out while doing this post. Btw, as I was trying to access the internet (because they have free WiFi here, I had difficulty accessing it at first. I didn't have a problem before, you see. So I did ask one of the personnel/staff to help me figure it out. He said that they change the procedure. That is, you have to have a password now in order to access the 'net. Thank God for having people who are ever ready to help us in times of help/trouble.

As I continue blogging, one of the older guys saw me sitting in the lobby and since we're familiar with each other already he came towards me. I stood up and we shook hands. Then Mr. Robinson asked me how am I doing. I answered ,"am doing fine, thank you." He added, "good to see you." Me, too, I said. Afterwards, he said, "see you around," as he walked towards a fellow employee. Meanwhile, the guy who helped me in accessing the 'Net passed me by and I called his attention. His name's Ryan. Because this is the first time that I see him here I asked if he's a new employee. He said he's been bouncing back and forth, from here to the other car dealership which is just a few blocks away. He didn't care when I asked him if we could have a picture taken. He doesn't mind at all, he quipped.

So, while I'm trying to transfer or import the photos from my camera to my laptop, I continue to try to finish this post. Once the photos are uploaded, I'll embed them here. That's my plan.

Meanwhile, I have to make myself coffee which is available in the lobby. Talk to you, folks and friends, later... Wow, that's hot! The coffee (French Vanilla flavor) that I just "brewed" from a new coffee maker, not that Keurig brewer unit.

What? The photos that I've been trying to import from my digital camera to my laptop were nowhere to be found? OMG, what happened? What have I done? I was trying to type in a title of the album and then pfftttt...My, I have to redo it again. What a time-consuming activity! I just wasted 20 minutes waiting the pictures to be imported...But what can I do but to re-import the photos. Hopefully, I'll be able to retrieve them. Waiting...waiting...endlessly?

Wait a minute, the lady whom I checked my car in for service is coming towards me. She's carrying sort of a form or piece of paper. She's telling me a couple of stuff to be done/repaired on my car, a 14-year old Avalon, a vintage, huh? I was quite surprise to find out that brake pads have to be done, air filter replaced, gasket, etc. But Sherri, the lady receptionist/Service advisor(?), told me that we don't have to do it all at once. What? I would be spending almost $1500 for those repairs when the value/worth of the car is not even five grand? (Remember, I've just paid our city property taxes on four cars a week ago. Deadline was December 5. That's when I found out the value of this oldie but goodie Avalon to be less than 5 grand.) Now, I'm having a second thought whether to trade it in or keep the car and have those repairs be done.

Well, after minutes of discussion with Sherri, I settled for the break pads to be taken care of, in addition to the regular periodic maintenance, oil change, and the tires rotation. (Four new tires were bought there months ago and, I know, it's time to rotate them.) The other stuff that were suggested to be done can be put off for next service. "Just keep an eye or take note...,"she said.

So, while waiting for another hour or two, here in the Toyota dealership's service center, I may as well try to finish this blog. It's past 12:00 noon already and, it's good, thankfully, that I brought with me something to eat, i.e., Cheese & Berries danish and a peanut butter sandwich, and a piece of banana. So, yeah, I'm eating my late breakfast (or can I call it "brunch" already?),while blogging. Oppss...It's done. I mean, the photos were successfully imported or uploaded to my laptop. Thanks to Mr. Robinson who's such a good sport. (He usually gives me a ride to and from home if or when there's a major repair to be done to one of my cars and it takes at least two hours or more to do it.) He didn't mind when I asked him for a picture or two.

Okay, let me embed those photos here since they're now available and ready to share. Enjoy!

 Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

That's all, folks and friends. Until next time around...Thanks for hanging in there with me. Take care and have a peaceful day! May God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 12.09.2013

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