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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Time Out with Andrew and Thomas

Good Tuesday, everybody!

What's going on in our world and in your life, my dear folks and friends? Any interesting news to share, topic to talk about today? Well, I do hope (and pray) that you're doing well. We are...thank God.

I thought my adult son Andrew is going back to The Capital/Land of Mary today. I was wrong, my bad. My wife Freny informed me about Andrew's change of plan this early morning before the former left for school-work. She said he'll be going back tomorrow instead of today. Well, what can I say but that's good.

So, as soon as I rose up a little late today from bed, I knocked at Andrew's door and told him to get dress so we'll have lunch outside. Already awake and facing the computer, he asked if his friend Thomas could be with us. I answered, "why not. That would be great."

While waiting for Andrew to get ready, and Thomas (to arrive, because he's driving from his house that takes 10 minutes to drive to/from our place), I decided to take a walk outside, in my backyard, by our wooden deck that's repainted red two months ago.

Thank God, for the sunshine, nice, mild weather today. O, how I enjoy walking outdoor when the sun is up, the sky is clear and solid blue, and temp is mild. Such a lovely day today, I guess. No, I didn't take photos while doing my simple physical conditioning and stretching. But, when Andrew and Thomas showed up, we did take a couple of photographs for posterity's sake, you know. That is, after we had a brief but animated chat under the sun in my backyard. Glad and thankful to see one of Andrew's friends, Thomas, again. I learned that he just got back from his Thanksgiving holiday weekend in Florida.

Well, we did what we had to do: dining out at Hardee's in Chesapeake. And, of course, we had a couple more pictures taken with my camera. I'll try to embed the photos here later on.

After lunch, we drove back home. After dropping the two at home, I told them I'm going to the Office of Revenue/City Treasurer in Chesapeake to pay that 2nd half of 2013 stormwater fee bill for our rental house in Chesapeake. We, the owner, pay for it, not the renter-tenant. That's what it is. Anyway, from there, I dropped by at the library building adjacent to the City Treasurer's Office. Fyi, it's been a while that I haven't gone to the public library. Now, as I'm writing this blog post, here I am, at Russell Memorial Library in Chesapeake, chillin' out, and just living life and doing one of my hobbies---blogging and sharing it with you all, my dear folks and friends. That's in the present moment, sharing with you my life story as I try my best to enjoy life, with my family, friends, others, of course.

Well, that's all I can say (and share) at this time. Too bad, I forgot that USB cord in order for me to upload the photos from my camera to my laptop. (I thought, I brought it with me.) But anyway, I've got to sign off now so I can go home. I may as well publish this post while I'm still here in the library. I make sure to embed those photos I've taken today, with Andrew and Thomas, later on.

Until next time around...Thanks, everyone, for reading/visiting my blog. Take care and have a peaceful day/night! Peace out! And may God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 12.03.2013

Here are the photos we've been waiting for, my dear folks and friends...Enjoy!

Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

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