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Monday, November 4, 2013

Be the Sunlight on a Cloudy Day

Hi, everyone! Thank God, we're alive and well, and blogging again.

What's the weather in your area, my dear folks and friends? Do you care, btw? I do. Especially when the temp is going low...Anyway, let me tell you what's going on in our area of responsibility, whether you mind it or not. It's cloudy, overall...

It's cold, chilly and breezy in Hampton Roads today. This morning, the sun's up, smiling, as gazed from our window pane. Glorious, as ever, it appeared...But after an hour or two, clouds gathered around...The sun did this "hide and seek" activity. Layers of gray (or grey) clouds blanketed the sky such that it became impending rainstorm, maybe? Maybe not. I didn't see any drizzle at all, so far. I wonder if it will rain tonight, probably? I don't know, but I don't mind at all. It's Fall, anyway. Noticeably, autumn leaves continue to fall...And to the ground they lay Fall foliage abound in some parts of Hampton Roads, and elsewhere...

Well, since daughter Tintin didn't go back to D-ville yesterday, she and I got out of the house and went to do errands. First, we went to Toyota dealership and service center to have her car inspected. An indicator light on her car's dashboard shows something about tire pressure, or flat tire? But there's no apparent flat tire seen or observed, visual observation tells us. After thirty minutes, Tintin's car was done. Unless there's a repair to be done or something, a car part/s needs to be replaced, we didn't pay a dime for the service we received this morning. Why? We purchased (at different times) all of our four vehicles there and a number of their employees know us already. That's a part of the package deal, they say. "Thank you and have a nice day..." Grateful we were when we left the Center.

Where did we go next? To the bank. (I had something to take care of...paying our credit card balance, you know.) Then, we decided to go to our family dentist clinic. (I had to pay off my out-of-pocket dental bill balance for having a "crown" on one of my teeth.) In addition, Tintin made a cleaning appointment. It's good that there's an opening tomorrow. So our plan for tomorrow (Election Day) is that we go cast our votes and then go to her dental appointment at ten.

From the dental clinic, we went grocery shopping to the nearest Walmart. (Commissary is closed on Mondays, fyi.)There we bought (two varieties of) grapes, bananas, four pieces of pomegranates, bags of vegetable salad, crisps or chips, sandwich spread like crunchy Biscoff European Cookie Spread (Product of Belgium...I love something European! Don't misconstrue me. I love American-made, too! It's just a matter of choice, and taste, you know.) and another jar of peanut butter spread, a loaf of Sara Lee, 100% whole wheat, bread, and Danish snacks, and a bag of Sargento shredded cheese, a half-gallon orange juice, and one half-gallon organic milk (although we still have one half-gallon carton in the ref.), etc. Find out what we saw while in the parking lot, after we've loaded our groceries, and were about to leave the store...flying little creatures! I captured one or two on my camera. They're photogenic, for all we know...

From the store, we drove to the nearest post office and mailed Tintin's letter. Then, it's home sweet home. That's all, folks, for today.

Okay, here's my humble thought-message for us all today: Though the day is somewhat cloudy and gray, wherever we are, life goes on...and we can always be the sunlight to/for someone or others, giving comfort, warmth, life and love to/for someone or others.

Below are photos captured by my roving lens today to show and share with you, my dear folks and friends. Enjoy!

Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

Hope you enjoyed my narrative today. Until next time around. Thanks a lot for your time. Take care and have a nice day, everyone! I pray, may God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 11.04.2013

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