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Friday, November 15, 2013

With Freny @Marriot's for 2013 VAST PDI

Hi, everyone! Good Friday to us all!

Today is the second day that my wife Freny and I are @Marriot's in Norfolk for this year's Virginia Association Science Teachers (VAST) Professional Development Institute (PDI), Nov. 14-16. This year's theme is "Sustaining Science," an ongoing concept that challenges everyone, particularly the Science teachers-educators who are charged with the responsibility of imparting valuable scientific lessons and knowledge and skills to their students. Sharing ideas, skills, empowerment and enthusiasm is a must for everyone, especially for our Science teachers/educators, in an ever-changing world like ours where teamwork, cooperation, collaboration are necessary to spark success to our students. After all, that's what we're all about---sharing ourselves to/for others, with all the qualities we have to make our world safer and better. When I say better, I mean, easing and solving the world's problems in general, i.e, poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, poor educational opportunities, sanitation, global warming/climate change, etc. That's just my two-cents rant about this convention or conference, btw.

(My bad, I didn't have time, or shall I say, I was lazy?, to blog yesterday because we're full of anticipation and excitement about this yearly gathering of Virginia Science educators. Although we've attended this event in the past, in another venue, i.e. Roanoke, we always have this curious and "exciting" feeling each time we attend such gathering or convention. Anyway, we're here, with the rest of enthusiastic participants from various schools/colleges/universities of the Commonwealth of Virginia.)

No, I'm not a participant to this conference. I'm just here to "accompany" Freny and to just have a good time and have fun, meeting/talking with whomever I come in contact with or bump into unexpectedly, while Freny is in class or one of those sessions she selected to attend. As you know, I also have that characteristic quality of being curious, open-minded and constantly learning. Yeah, man, curiosity is inherent in me...that trait that allows me to learn new things, the unknown, but at the same time gives me the opportunity to broaden or expand my imagination about life, world, as a whole.

Having had a teaching experience, back in The Philippines, in the late 70s, I'm always eager to learn about many things that I find interesting and challenging such as in the field of Science, Humanities, Law, and Politics (although I try to be apolitical or stay away from this topic). You know why? Because the more I know, the more I can share to everyone who wants to listen and learn from me. That's plain and simple. What I have I share. There's nothing for me to lose but the knowledge and/or skills I also learned in the course of my interaction with others and my journey here on Earth. God knows, I did my very best to impart and share what I know to my students back then. Even when I was still active duty in the military. I took the initiative to train and "educate" people I came across, patients I dealt with, fellow shipmates or co-employees in the Service, etc. Because I do believe that when you've done your best efforts to teach, you'll find positive results, a change you see in the people you've tried to influence/ be good and to succeed. I only hope, and pray, that this is also what my wife Freny and my two adult children have been doing in their chosen career or profession.

So, what do you do while Freny is busy attending sessions in the halls of the Convention Center @Marriot's, you ask? What you're reading is a product of my "busyness" while sitting quietly, unperturbed, in one of the corners in the Hotel's main lobby, at this point in time. Eventually, when I get tired, I'd take a walk, roam around the stately, elegant building...out of curiosity. An hour or two ago, I did peruse the pages of one of the newspapers, USA TODAY, and couldn't help but commiserate with those typhoon Haiyan victims in central Philippines. Praying the rosary this morning, I prayed for the safety and well-being of them all---and those rescue/relief/aid workers from different countries, and journalists-news reporters (especially the international reporters), and all military personnel, and our US troops who are deployed there with the USS George Washington.

Here are the pictures taken by my camera yesterday...Enjoy!

Below are photos of some of the exhibits by presenters, corporate sponsors of the event, and vendors. They're very educational and informative...

 Photos & Text (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

Btw, Freny and I had muffins and coffee, and grapes, for breakfast @Marriot's this morning. But I didn't eat the grapes yet. I'll probably nibble them later one I get back to out hotel room.

So, yeah, let's just try to be a little curious and be scientific in our lives, right? We all know that Science matters. You matter; I matter. We all do matter. And we matter scientifically. Hope I'm making sense here, which I think do...

Well, this is all for now, my dear folks and friends. Until next time around. I'll embed some photos later. So, stay tuned, folks! Thanks for reading/visiting my blog.Take care and have a nice day, everyone! TFIG! Thank God, It's Friday! Rise up and shine! May God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 11.15.2013

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