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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yay, 28 Years and Counting!

Good Sunday, everyone!

Happy 28th anniversary to my loving wife Freny and me, today! I know, it was on November 3rd that we said our vows, " to love each other in good times and bad..."

Wow, we've come a long way, huh? Thank God, we've given the opportunity to celebrate our 28th today, producing two lovely and smart children, Andrew and Christine. Love you, guys! And we're so proud of you both for all what you've accomplished so far. Keep it up, sharing your gifts to the community wherever you got employed and that you continue to do your best serving others, especially the underserved and marginalized in our midst.

This morning we participated in the 9:30 Sunday morning Mass at our parish, St. Paul's Catholic Church in downtown Portsmouth. Rev. Fr. Gino, our parochial vicar, celebrated the Mass with us. Although we were not on schedule as volunteer Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC), Freny was tapped to do Host A during Communion, for a fellow volunteer EMHC) and we both were requested, unexpectedly, to offer gifts to the altar. And, of course, we said Yes, without hesitation or trepidation. Thank God, you're leading us to your goodness and love.

After Communion, we had to leave for Norfolk where daughter Tintin was scheduled today to play piano for that Christian church there. We were five minutes late when we arrived there because of that bridge that was closed. We were re-routed or had detour to follow. But, nevertheless, the church service was about to start when we arrived.As usual, we were warmly welcomed by the regular churchgoers or the whole congregation in general.

After that church service in Norfolk, we decided to have lunch @Red Lobster in Chesapeake. We invited our friends Mike and Myrna who were with us at St. Paul's and gave us gifts for our anniversary. (Thank you guys for your thoughtfulness and generosity!) We extended our lunch invitation but they were not able to join us.

Celebrating our special day today, we had a great time at Red Lobster, with daughter Tintin. We enjoyed the food and the place was cool. (See the photos below.) And we had some left-overs, too, for dinner! Glad and thankful that Tintin was with us. Unfortunately our son Andrew, who works in The Capital, couldn't come home. He, nevertheless, congratulated us, with the rest of our Facebook friends and relatives. Got gifts from both he and Tintin.

So, overall, how did our special day, today, go? Awesome and amazingly great, I guess! I'm so grateful to God and for all of our family members, folks, and friends who've been supportive and caring, and loving... God bless US all always!

Now, here are the photos you've been waiting for, my dear folks and friends...Somehow, you've been a part of our celebration today...Thank you, and thank you so much, everyone! Enjoy!

Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

Btw, Tintin who's supposed to leave this afternoon for D-ville, after spending the weekend with us, decided to leave 757 after casting her vote on Election day Tuesday. That's great, I would say. 

Well, this is all for now. Until next time around. Thanks for the company and for sharing us your time with us. To all of our well-wishers, thanks a lot for all your heart-warming messages and wishes. Smile always and live in the present moment well, my dear folks and friends. Take care and have a wonderful day, everyone! As always, may God bless US!-chris a. quilpa, 11.03.2013

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