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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Selfies" on a Rainy Tuesday in 757

Hi, my dear folks and friends, and accidental readers of this blog! Good day/night to us all!

Despite a rainy Tuesday today in Hampton Roads, and elsewhere, I feel good, and blessed to be alive and well. Thank God. Hope and pray that people in those areas having unpleasant weather (winter storm, as in the Midwestern U.S.) will be safe and well, much more so for those travelers going home to be with their families and 'loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday tradition. May God bless and protect them from harm. (Btw, Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday, in the U.S. of A is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November, every year, since 1863 during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. It also marks the commencement of Christmas season in the United States.)

You know, my dear folks and friends, if and when the weather is kinda rainy and soaking wet, just like today, I hesitate or feel lazy to go out, unless it's necessary. That's just me. I'd rather stay home, feel at home, and do something that makes my day a nice day. But there's a compelling reason for me to go out this afternoon at about three. I have to buy and mail some Thanksgiving cards for my siblings and Aunt, and friends. (I didn't feel like going out yesterday because it was so very cold and chilly, cloudy and drizzling, too!) That's what I did today: changed my mindset and decided to go to out and made it happen. After buying those Thanksgiving cards, I decided to hang around at Hardee's. But I ordered myself a meal. There I wrote those cards prior to mailing them in the nearby post office. Can you believe it when I say that it was already evening when I arrived home? (Yay, I tell you, I got scared of driving at night because of eye problem. But I have no alternative but to do it on a rainy Tuesday. Thank God, I made it home safely.) I was still by myself at home, that time, because my wife Freny called me to say that she and her sister Rose got stuck in the traffic while still in the Peninsula. But after ten -fifteen minutes, while I was cooking/preparing something for dinner, they're home. But, momentarily, after bringing in their school stuff, they left again for their part-time job. (Btw, Freny does work only in that store twice a week, while sis-in-law Rose has more hours or days a week there. Their work starts at 6:00 pm, I guess, and they'll be home by nine or ten tonight, I guess.)

Well, I took a couple of photos of myself at home, prior to going out to do an errand this rainy Tuesday afternoon. And I did take a couple of pictures, too, while dining and "lounging" at Hardee's. See?

 Photos (c) by Chris A. Quilpa

Hope you enjoyed or found delight reading my blog and watching my photos. They're for the sharing, anyway. My reason why I keep doing what I like/love to do, this blogging and taking and embedding photos, is to try to inspire anyone to love life and enjoy life in the present moment well. Again, I thank God that we're alive and well...

This is all for now. Thank you, everyone, for visiting my blog. Until next time around. Take care and have a peaceful day/night. May God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 11.26.2013

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