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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Such A Cool Saturday in Chesapeake & @Home!

Good Saturday, everyone! Happy All Souls' Day, too!

For Catholics around the world, today, Nov.2 is observed as All Souls' Day, a special day to pay tribute to our departed loved ones. May the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. Btw, yesterday, Nov. 1 was the commemoration/observance of All Saints Day. Btw, when we pray, we ask for the intercession/intervention of a particular saint so that our prayer will be more effective, I believe, especially if we're asking/requesting for a favor...That's as far as I know, anent my religion is concerned.

Yesterday afternoon was raining in our area but, nevertheless, my wife Freny and I, along with sis-in-law Rose, visited NEX@Naval Station Norfolk where we bought something. Then, we decided to dine out @chili's inside the naval base. Good food, cozy, busy place, with lots of diners, too. Took souvenir photos, of course. (As soon as we arrived home, I uploaded them and shared them to our Facebook friends.)

This morning, Freny and I had breakfast@IHOP in Chesapeake. (Sis-in-law Rose wasn't with us today because she has that part-time job, every weekend, even on most weekdays.) It's been a while since we dined out at the International House of Pancakes. Soooo, we went there because I feel like eating pancakes, anyway. Wow, that place was busy...We had to wait for our turn to be seated, like other diners. We had that breakfast sampler: two eggs, two pancakes, hash brown, two pieces of ham, sausages, and, of course, coffee with half and half (cream and milk), and each a glass of cold water. As always, I enjoyed everything, including the excellent service by the assigned food server. Thank God. Hope you, my dear folks and friends, and those new to my blog, enjoy watching the photos embedded here...

 From IHOP, Freny and I went to Chesapeake Square Mall, particularly at Burlington (Coat Factory) where we did spend...time and $$$, of course! Yay, shopping is somewhat exhaustive but fun, at times, you know! Anyway, here are photos to validate what I'm talking about...

Guess who arrived home from D-ville, for the weekend? You betcha, our daughter Tintin! Here are the proof to show you she's in 757...

Photos (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

Well,on our way back home, we stopped by at Totoy's (Filipino) Restaurant in our area and bought food for dinner. Thank God that we have Totoy's around. It's so convenient if you don't feel like preparing something for lunch or dinner. Pretty reasonable the price of one or two entree meal is! Really, if you compare it to other restaurants when you dine out...(I think, I've mention Totoy's before, in one of my older blog posts, last year, perhaps?)

Now, about an hour or so after Freny and I arrived home, guess who's home for the weekend, from D-ville? Yes, our daughter Tintin! (See the photos above. Thank you.) She's here in 757 because she's scheduled to play piano at a church in Norfolk tomorrow. As you know, she's a paid pianist in that Christian church, every other Sunday, unless something comes up with her schedule. So glad and thankful to see her again! Thank God.

My dear folks and friends, that's what I got today. Hope you had a good time. Thanks again for visiting my blog. Until next time around. Take care and have a peaceful day/night, everyone! Btw, reminders for us, in North America and elsewhere, that are observing the Daylight Saving Time which ends at 2 a.m. tomorrow, Sunday. So don't forget to Fall back or set your clock, watch or time piece one hour back tonight before going to bed. Otherwise  you'll be late for work (for those who work) or church tomorrow. Okay, peace out! And, may God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa, 11.02.2013

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