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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grateful to God, US, Others

Hi, everyone!

Thank God, we're alive and well...Thank God, for all relief workers, volunteers, generous donors, nations and charitable organizations around the world that have helped and continue to extend financial and logistical help and support to The Philippines. I pray, may your efforts and generous spirit be rewarded a hundredfold! May God bless you all!

Hope. Faith. And Gratitude. These come to my mind today, a sunny but cold and chilly Wednesday in 757 and elsewhere...These are all that I'm praying for all the victims, families devastated by super typhoon Haiyan that ravaged central Philippines.

This cold and chilly Wednesday morning, while doing my simple physical conditioning---walking---in my backyard/wooden deck, I prayed my rosary (specially for the victims and families devastated by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and for all local and international relief workers and military personnel who are there right now in Tacloban, Leyte, and other areas in central Philippines). But, of course, I let my camera work again...(See photos below.)

After my 30-minute or so meditating and walking by my backyard, I got into our house. What did I do next? I ate my breakfast, of course. (I had a glass of orange juice, and egg-turkey sandwich which I prepared while listening to Washington-based NPR, National Public Radio.) After breakfast, I did watch videos on YouTube about the latest news regarding rescue and relief efforts by relief organizations from around the world. Likewise, I viewed videos from BBC News Asia, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and other news organizations/networks that are covering the latest news here and there, everywhere...Depressing, but a ray of hope is in my mind that everything will be alright. For all of you, typhoon survivors, hang in there and have hope. Please don't lose hope. Love Life! On the other hand, Thank you all volunteers and relief workers from overseas who are sharing your resources, knowledge, skills and expertise to The Philippines. Thank you all people of goodwill. Thank you...I pray, may God bless US always!

Heart-breaking...just to see the videos, watching desperate survivors of typhoon Haiyan. So sad that it made me recall my younger days in northern Philippines. I've experienced, with my family and other families in the neighborhood, seeking shelter in a chapel nearby while the strong typhoon kept pounding our area before. It's one of those sad experiences I won't ever forget, as I've mentioned in my previous blog post.

Btw, so grateful I am to be alive, with my family, to be in the United States, and to have honorably and proudly served in the Armed Forces of the United States (US Navy). Thank God, for all who have helped me become who I am now---retired US Navy veteran, trying to enjoy life, one day at a time...Lots of people who have made me realize my dream. Thank you, dear and gracious, loving God!

Well, I'm ready to share with of the day...You must know by now, I've been trying to stay safe, sane and sensible, and keep busy to be alive and well, by doing what I'm interested to do...write, take photographs, listening to music and news, watching TV, and videos on YouTube, etc. Thanks for keeping me company! Enjoy the photos, folks and friends! Let's bundle up! Brrrrr....Cold! And chilly!

 Photos & Text (c) 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

That's about it, my dear folks and friends. Thank you...Until next time around...Got to go...I have to prepare our bills, then go to the post office. (Don't want to be late in paying bills, you know.)  Take care, everybody! And have a peaceful and wonderful day/night! I pray, "may God bless US always!-chris a. quilpa

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